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The King's Crushaders (2018)


The King's Crushaders is a game concept I have been developing in my mind lately. It is a puzzle platforming game where you control 5 knights with varying abilities, and where the goal of each level is to clear it from oily monsters polluting the elsewhat colorful kingdom.

rid the level of monsters

The gameplay is best described as "The Lost Vikings" meets "Candy Crush". You utilize your characters' individual skills to clear the levels, but as an added hazard and puzzle element, you have to be careful where you step with each character as Candy Crush rules apply: If a character lines up with two or more blocks in the same color as itself, it will die and destroy the blocks in the act. This can of course make finishing a level harder, but sometimes the sacrifice of a knight is needed to get past a certain point and clear the level.

look out for three in a row

Potentially the game would work well as an opt-in multiplayer game as well, though this could screw a little with level balancing.

The banner image at the very top of this post is a mock-up I did of the concept (link to the full image). As I am currently busy with other things and projects, I choose not to prototype it (or develop it) as of yet. But if you are a developer who wants to develop this idea further, feel free to reach out and maybe we can figure something out. I have plenty of ideas to further the concept both in terms of mechanics and story.

NOT a Fan (2018)


In NOT a Fan you are a fan - the ventilating kind - but you do not want people to know, hence you dress up as a human. It is a casual, level-based game, where you try to pick up as many coins as possible in each level. Perhaps levels may also be time based, and it is also possible to maybe add a "battery-meter" as either a healthbar or to make flying around a finite ability. You could be able to plug in at outlets to recharge - plenty of possibilites. The playable proof-of-concept does not have all these possible features though.

You control the fan by clicking and holding the left mouse button or tap and hold on touch devices. This will move the fan toward the cursor/finger by blowing in the opposite direction.

When nearby people you need to keep a low profile - if you are spotted hovering too far above ground you will be figured out and lose the level (you can of course try again).

Note that the concept demo is unwinnable.

It is a game, which I will possibly put some work into sometime in the future. If you are a competent game developer or team and see potential in the concept, throw me a mail and we can possibly figure out some sort of partnership.

Omni (2015)


Omni was my contribution to the 16th gm(48) game jam - a game jam centered around the GameMaker development software. The game won the innovation category of the jam.

In the game you are aiding a little monk, Omni, in fighting off vira from your computer. You move the camera by dragging the game window around, and you can hit vira with your cursor when the cursor is close enought to Omni.

The theme of the game jam was "Environment as a weapon" and I chose to use the Windows desktop environment as my focal point and make its various parts your weapons. Omni was a prototype for Tale of Omni. I used the jam to test my window-and-camera-movement-idea.

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